Professional Career Guidance Program

Auriga is an academy established to help you specifically with career training. We have established and well-experienced trainers who shall help you with this process. At Auriga, it has always been our endeavor to monitor the changing Industry Standards and Corporate Career Opportunities and thus help you enhance your employability by adopting newer and creative methods in language, aptitude and soft-skills training.

At Auriga, we offer various modules for preparing the students for the career placement process. The training will help the trainees enhance their skills required for the selection processes. You can drop in for a face to face assessment of your aspirations and aptitude.


At Auriga we understand how Career Preparation and Planning enables and enpowers aspiring candidates to take right decisions without fear and without that state of uncertainty . A well prepared student can understand the options and choices available and how to turn the odds in his/ her favor.

At Auriga we help you to go about it in a systematic manner. We shall help you prepare your own SWOT analysis.

Also, remember that good communication skills will enable you to express yourself with clarity and confidence. This will help you in all spheres of life. 

So just get in touch and know first hand how  we will help you do wonders to your self-confidence and personality.